South America

Brazilian Beauty

Brazil is known for its natural landscape, from its rainforests to the Amazon river delta, as well as the hugely popular tourist destination of Rio de Janeiro and the relatively recent addition of its capital city, Brasilia, which was planned from scratch in 1960 and the years since. All-inclusive holidays in Brazil unlock this landscape and the population centres within it, so that you can explore the planet's fifth-largest country, and the largest nation in Latin America. While you're there, take in some of the iconic sights, such as the statue of Christ the Redeemer overlooking Rio, or the epic spectacle of the Iguazu Falls - literally 'Big Water' - on the border with Argentina in Parana 


 Where better to start a holiday to Argentina than the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires. Spend a few hours in San Telmo or the Boca district and you will soon witness the true soul of the tango dancers who call this city home. The streets here are lined with trees and luxurious shops, elegant cafes and a fantastic selection of restaurants offer the finest steaks, rich red wines and an array of authentic dishes. Just a short journey north from Buenos Aires visitors can swap the urban jungle for the lush rainforests, within which lie the mighty Iguassu Falls. Soak up the incredible volume and power of this gigantic waterfall via elevated walkways, speed boat or even helicopter. 


Experience fascinating ruins, bustling cities, magnificent landscapes, wild rivers and the Amazon jungle in the birthplace of the Inca Empire.

From ancient civilizations and colonial heritage to striking natural scenery, wildlife and high-adrenalin sports, Peru has an astounding variety of attractions. You can retrace the footsteps of the Incas, cruise the world’s highest navigable lake, hike across the Andes and surf at glorious beaches. Peru sits on the west coast of South America, nestled between Amazonian rainforests and the Pacific Ocean.See astounding remnants of Peru’s millennia-old civilizations. The most famous is the mystical Machu Picchu, a mountain-top citadel that was once the center of Incan culture.

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