Safe and Secure Money Transfer

Money Transfer in Oldham Best Currency Rates in Oldham We transfer money all over the world in minutes. For safe and secure money transfer you can rely on us. 

Square Travel, has been entrusted with transferring your money globally, for over 17 years now and have never looked back since. 

Here you can, send and receive your money, too. Some of our partners include Ria, Western Union and Small World

Square Travel Money Transfer in Oldham

Instant Payment

This service enables us to transfer money within minutes, through our network of banks and regulated financial organisations. Your cash can be picked up instantly without the need of bank accounts. 

Bank Deposit Service

Our extensive networks allows us  to deposit money to the beneficiaries' bank account, in the country of your choice.

Square Travel, has long term and extensive relationships with banks, financial institutions, government investment, finance ministries and money transfer pay-out partners to provide a fast and secure means of transferring funds. 

Square Travel,  provides a simple, low-cost, safe, secure and convenient solution for our customers in the UK to send money to your family and friends abroad. Square Travel, ensures  that both senders and receivers have peace of mind, during the transaction process. Square Travel, has long term relationships, with banks and financial institutions to ensure the receiver is at ease to safely obtain the cash. Offering services with both comfort and flexibility . Square Travel strives, to save time and money and provides a world class service; always keeping our customers happy and cheerful. 

Square Travel

Square Travel is here to ensure your peace of mind.