Middle East Holiday Pakcages in Oldham

Explore Egypt

Holiday to Egypt will see you exploring a country, whose scenery is as magical as the stories of the Ancient Gods that once ruled here. Unleash your inner Indiana Jones or let loose your Lara Croft and explore dusty ruins and towering pyramids, set among the imposing desert dunes. Alternatively, if you prefer the sand to be closer to the sea, the coastline is peppered with salt-coloured beaches and cooled by the clear waters of the Red Sea.

The Red Sea is an attraction in itself and the icing on the cake for any holiday! There are spectacular snorkelling and diving opportunities, bringing you up-close-and personal with magnificent marine life such as corals and the famous Red Sea turtles. The coast’s resorts have something for everyone, from family-friendly sandy beaches, to dining with Bedouins in their desert villages.

Taste of Turkey

 A magnificent land full of delights, Turkey boasts fabulous golden beaches, ancient history, and mouthwatering cuisine. Pick a modern beach resort brimming with top-class entertainment, or perhaps a tranquil bay as the base for your Turkey holiday. Alternatively, take to the seas and see Turkey on a relaxing gulet cruise. With a foot in both Asia and Europe, the country brings you the best of both continents, from Istanbul’s 21st century nightlife and fashions, to the mystic Sufi culture in Konya. 

Magnificent Morocco

Bustling cities, laid-back beaches and historic sights galore; you’ll find all this and more on holidays to Morocco, served with a generous helping of North African sunshine. Morocco offers all the exotic attraction of a Middle Eastern holiday, combined with some unique African character. That all comes together to make Morocco a dazzling feast for the senses, and a great spot for some serious sunbathing, too! Souk-filled Marrakech is a popular destination, where you’ll discover a fascinating medina and the towering Atlas Mountains within easy reach. You’re not far from Agadir over on the Atlantic coast, with its long sandy beach and crumbling Kasbah. Or you could choose the chilled-out seaside town of Essaouira if you really want to get away from it all.


Dubai’s history is steeped in its Arabic routes and the glittering Arabian Gulf. It was known for its pearl-diving and trading route at Dubai Creek, the old and still-beating heart of the city.

You’ll find beaches mainly where the resorts are, although there’s plenty of free-to-enjoy sandy stretches along the Dubai coast. The Gulf’s waters are warm and relatively shallow; even at low tide, you can walk out 100 metres to collect shells. and still find the water ankle-deep.

Popular beach spots include The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence - ideal for strolling, shopping and people-watching. The manicured lawns and gardens of Jumeirah’s Beach Park exude relaxed refinement, but it’s also perfect for family days out with playgrounds and BBQ areas. Al Mamzar Park boasts five beaches, plus pools and playgrounds.

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